British Researcher Gets Permission to Edit Genes of Human Embryos

Text Box: By NICHOLAS WADE FEB. 1, 2016

The new genetic editing technique, known as Crispr or Crispr-Cas9, lets researchers perform cut-and-paste operations on DNA, the hereditary material, with unprecedented ease and precision. Unlike most types of gene therapy, a longstanding approach that aims to alter only adult human tissues that die with the patient, the Crispr technique could be used to change human eggs, sperm and early embryos, and such alterations would be inherited by the patient’s children. Because changing the human germ line is perceived to hold far-reaching consequences, the leading scientific academies of the United States, Britain and China issued a joint statement in December asking researchers around the world to hold off on altering human inheritance. Read more here...

Text Box: Last week, "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression—and subsequently entered a treatment center to deal with it—a condition that affects 1 in 10 moms, but is often misdiagnosed by doctors and women alike. Her comments were short, sweet and so completely necessary, and really brought to light that our common understanding of PPD is far from accurate.
Through my own struggles with postpartum depression, I learned that that stupid little checklist given to moms at Well Baby visits can't even begin to capture the complex emotions that arise when women, who have just undergone the most trying ordeal in the world, are sent home with a demanding stranger who will interrupt their sleep, test the strength of their marriage and a body pumped with adrenaline  Read more here...

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Since You Won’t Say It, I Will: Having a Baby Sucks!



















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Mar 2016

Compiled by Gretchen Vetter, synergy Birth Services

Top 10  products used by new moms:

2.Nursing Tanks and Nursing Sleep Bras.

Soft, super easy to nurse in and still stay a little covered.

Find them in two packs at Target, Inc.

“I purchased mine from Target and loved that they have a built in bra. It made nursing in the hospital and at home extremely easy. They are also nice looking, and can be incorporated into an everyday outfit when you get out of the house.” Buru


Scientist discovers new antibiotic from breastmillkText Box: By Nicola Harley

Text Box: Scientists have developed a new antibiotic from human breast milk.

Text Box: The British team from London's National Physical Laboratory have developed the new drug which

Text Box: "We need on average 10 new antibiotics every decade. So I don't just want some for my old age: I want them for my children's old age." 
Text Box: The protein, called lactoferrin, effectively kills bacteria, fungi and even

Text Box: It is also hoped it could tackle genetic disorders such as sickle-cell anemia.
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