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FAQ's about Placenta Encapsulation
  • How many capsules will I get? How do I get the most capsules?
  • How should I take the capsules?
  • Do you add any "herbs" to the capsules?
  • Will you prepare my placenta raw?
  • What should I do if I have any capsules leftover?
  • What kind of capsules do you use?
  • What is placenta tincture?
  • What is a 'premeeting'?
  • I would like to have my partner present at the premeeting - Do you have night or weekend appointments?
  • Where is the encapsulation done?
  • How long does it take?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What do I do with the broth you leave?
  • Is placenta encapsulation cannibalism?
  • Is there any condition in which I shouldn't use my placenta?
  • I want to do this! How do I sign up?


Q: How many capsules will I get?
A: Everybody gets a different number as it is based on the size of the placenta, but most people easily get a month's worth, about 112 capsules. An excellent pregnancy diet for building the largest placenta can be found at . A very healthy, protein filled diet will help you build the biggest placenta possible.

Q: How should I take the capsules?
A: The standard dosage is 2capsules, 3x/day for the first week. 2 capsules, 2x/day for the second and third week. 2 capsules, 1x/day for the fourth week and then as needed until finished, or until you feel great without them. Different women have different needs and we will discuss what will be best for you at your premeeting and determine your personal regimen. Ultimately, it's guided by how you feel.

Q: Do you add any herbs to the capsules?
A: No, I don't. You will receive only placenta in your capsules. There are herbs in the steam water. If you would like to use herbs for recovery, I encourage you to see an herbalist and use those separately, in dosages determined by you and your herbalist.

Q: Will you prepare my placenta raw?
A: No, I won't. Personally I feel this is not a safe way to consume the placenta. The vaginal tract has many bacteria in it, which although harmless to the women where they are, may not be safe to ingest through the digestive tract. I follow Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of preparation that take the placenta to a high heat and render any bacteria harmless. The Chinese have done this for 1000's of years with positive results.

Q: What should I do if I have any capsules leftover?
A: If you don't use all your capsules in the first 6 weeks, you can save them in your fridge or freezer for times when you need more milk, such as the baby having a growth spurt, or for going back to work and adjusting to pumping. You can use them when you period returns which is sometimes accompanied by PMS feelings. You can mix a capsule with pure oil and use it as a skin tonic for rash or eczema. You can save them for menopause with a moisture absorber in your freezer.

Q: What kind of capsules do you use?
A: 00 Vegetarian capsules which are: vegan, Kosher, Halal, and gluten free.

Q: What do I do if I run out of capsules before I am recovered? aka. What is placenta tincture?
A: Tincture is a weaker form of the capsules suspended in an alcohol base (with virtually no alcohol left in it) that can be used for years for continued support. It is a constitutional remedy that can be used for the baby throughout his/her life. It is an immune remedy. A few uses include cough, stuffy nose, indigestion, teething, high stress events. It is also beneficial for mom during transition and stressful times. There are also many products that can support you. You will receive that information in your final follow up email.

A: When you register at least 1 month before your due date, we should be able to schedule a premeeting. This is a 60 minute, no-obligation, get together at your house, where we can discuss the process in detail, your personal postpartum plan,  any situations that might be unique for you, answer all questions you might have, allow me to see where I will work, and share my lending library with you. If you decide to secure my services, you will complete a short agreement regarding the placenta encapsulation service and pay a $50 deposit. This meeting can be done by phone, or sent by email with short notice.

A: Yes! I welcome sitting down with both of you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Just let me know that when we schedule your premeeting.

A: In your kitchen, at your home. I bring everything I need to do the encapsulation. I use your stove, sink and nearest toilet.

A: It takes two visits that are a day apart, for a total of approximately 3 hours. The first appointment is around 2 hours. The second around 1 hour. It can take longer depending on the condition and size of your placenta.

A: I offer three different packages: Placenta Package $200, Placenta Print or Tincture $235, Placenta Print and Tincture $250. Package details here.  The cost covers the entire placenta preparation, the capsules, a keepsake and complete directions for use including three telephone follow-ups. Prices are for Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle. (Out of the area? click here for a list of other cities I service).Payment plans are available. I also use a sliding fee scale. Please ask!

A: Drink it! All in the first day if you can. This is very beneficial. It has all the same nutrients as the capsules. I will make it into Cinnamon Honey Herbal Tea. Or, you can freeze it in an ice cube tray for use in smoothies, soup, etc, or if you are home, use it right away.  Check here for ideas.

Q: Is placenta encapsulation cannibalism?
A: Jasmine says it great here: "Technically cannibalism means "the eating of human flesh by ANOTHER human being". Since its your own, I'd say no. Not to mention that cannibalism is usually involved with violence and people are often murdered for their body parts. To compare postpartum care to a violent act of crime is just absurd. I find that people who are opposed to holistic ideas are usually uneducated about the topic in general. The best thing you can do is explain why you're doing it, the benefits it has, and hope they listen with an open mind. Not everyone has to agree, and the truth is most people won't. It's your body, you're choosing to use something that has already served its purpose and would otherwise be disposed of, in a way that will benefit you and your family. You're being resourceful and a massive amount of respect goes into the process. If they're going to compare it to anything it should be organ donation. The only difference is your placenta is being used in a different form. I can't think of a better way to show respect and gratitude to our body and ourselves than by using every single piece of it in a way that can POSITIVELY benefit our life or the lives of others... but cannibalism? Pft! Get out of here with that nonsense!"
Q: Is there any condition in which I shouldn't use my placenta?
A: There are four that I know of at this time: Smoking during pregnancy leaves a build up of metals in the placenta that may negatively affect the infant through breastmilk. If you have a fever during birth resulting from an infection of the chorion or amnion layers, you may not want to use the placenta due to the infection. If you are HIV positive, have active Hepatitis, active Genital Herpes breakouts, or PUPPPs rash, encapsulation may not be for you.  There are alternatives such as sheep placenta. I have a limited supply onhand. In addition, placenta capsules should not be taken while pregnant.

A: You can Register Online, by sending me your information. I'll contact you to schedule an optional premeeting. Or call me or email me any questions, along with your due date, name, phone and address. I look forward to preparing your placenta! : )
Q: Any further questions?...please call or email for more information.