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What She Said...

One of the best parts of my job is the Premeeting.
I get to hear about each woman's history, experiences, and how they'd like things to go.
Sometimes these conversations are so rich, and full of shared information, that I just want to share them.
That is my goal with this page... Thanks for reading!  And if you're inclined, send me your reaction to these topics.

So, I'm at a women's meeting of professionals. I definitely consider what I do as a professional service. And I'm asked what do I do? I say, I offer Postpartum Support for women after they have their baby. And the room groans!!! Every woman in the room knows that she needed help after her birth. And yet, the questions start popping out... " What does that mean?" "What exactly is Postpartum Support?" "I didn't know that was available!"    "Oh man, did I ever need you after my last birth!" and so on... So, what is Postpartum Support? It's the bridge between your birth with care providers, and your 6 week followup appointment with your care provider.
Using Placenta Capsules can ease the start of breastfeeding for you. Placenta makes your milk come earlier and easier with more abundance. When the baby doesn't have to work so hard and is rewarded with ample milk, the baby stays at the breast longer. Pediatricians worry about breastfed babies losing too much weight in the beginning. Often times a mom on placenta will have milk so easily passed to the baby, that the baby doesn't sustain a large drop in weight. Phew, there's a load of a new mother's mind. And an avoidance of an uncomfortable moment with the pediatrician telling her she might need to supplement her milk. Placenta will not help with insufficient glandular tissue.
Using Placenta Capsules can bring you energy, so you can continue to care for a small child and your infant, and your house, and your life. One of the best things about placenta is it's ability to staunch the flow of blood from your uterus after your birth. All that bleeding is a continual loss of iron. Of course, with the removal of the baby and all the blood in it's circulatory system, you've already lost a lot of iron just with the birth. Then with sleepless nights and a women can easily reach exhaustion. Through this study, fatigue has been shown to be a huge predictor of postpartum depression, the much more severe form of baby blues.
Using Placenta Capsules can support your entire family by removing the emotional rollercoaster know as baby blues, experienced by approximately 80% of all women. The stability of the mom's emotions is very important to strengthening the couple bond as new and developing parents, as well as the mother/baby bond in those early days of life.

So, over and over I hear, my husband thinks this is icky. my husband thinks this is sick. my husband thinks this is gross. my husband thinks I am crazy.... Ok, I get it. This takes a little time for guys and other nonpregnant people to wrap their mind around. A good friend of mine gave me this great analogy...Think about mold on an orange, or on an egg yolk. That's pretty gross huh? But when your husband gets his antibiotics at the pharmacy, he doesn't look at his capsules and think "Gross!". In fact, noone would even debate the benefits of antibiotics against infection. It works.  So, when you're talking about placenta, really you can talk about the fact that it is capsules. AND, it works. So many wonderful women and even some dads have written to tell about how placenta worked for them.

So many times while I'm working with women, especially second or more time moms, I wish I could erase all the past craziness of previous births and insert the ideal experience to be able to visualize. I'm pretty sure every woman's idea of the 'ideal experience' is going to be different. So I challenge you, to imagine what you would like your life to feel like, in pregnancy, during labor, after you have a baby... ! For's like pregnancy goes smooth, my doctor/midwife is ok with everything I ask for in my birth plan, I have a beautiful 8 hour labor starting at 9am, where I have a light lunch with my husband at noon, then give birth with the support of my doula in a quiet, peaceful setting about 5pm after pushing "just a few times". The baby latches immediately and my close friend who nursed her babies is there to help me know what a good latch is and what to do when it's not good. And my mom is home with the placenta specialist, so that when I arrive home, I have my capsules ready and waiting for me. And I have a positive outlook right from the start, with even keel happiness and bonding with my baby. And feeling rested when I wake up after 3 hours. Cruising right through my recovery and feeling 'back to myself' at my 6 week followup checkup. Then continuing to nurse and get my body back after 6 months. Having time to watch my baby grow and make friends with other new moms, sharing the turmoil in learning to parent. Heading back to work after my baby reaches one year and start remembering how to build a life for myself again...What's yours?