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A possible theory for why humans stopped eating placenta...

You don't have to 'believe' it will work, for placenta to feel supportive...
 “One of the things that we hope to study in this lab is that ingesting the placenta causes the effects that women are claiming,” Young said.

Most women who try placenta, like it. (2013)

UNLV researchers author first-ever scholarly report on experiences of placenta-eating moms

November 2014 - Prescription!
(image removed pending permission...)
An OBGYN in North Carolina wrote a prescription
for her patient to have Placenta Encapsulation
and it was covered by her fsa (flex spending account). 

June 2014 - Mom Stories:
2014 Article from Vermont
Think no one knows about placenta encapsulation?
Check out these links...

2013 Article in Utah

The coolest thing happened to me!
I was on the radio with
Kyndal May (Baby Bump Doula) and
Paula Wiens (Treasure Valley Midwives)...
with Kim Metez, on 89.9 BSU Radio Boise, 2013.
"Where we believe your health is in your hands right before it's in your mouth."


 Placenta Encapsulation goes PUBLIC in Boise, 2012.

Thank you Pamela Hoevel for this article about placenta encapsulation

in the Greenbelt magazine.

Check it out on page 10...!

2011-Great News from a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in Wisconsin:

"One of my clients just received reimbursement from their flex spending account for placenta encapsulation! It was actually the client's husband that thought due to his wife's depression issues in the past that placenta encapsulation should be covered via his flex account plan. He worked hard to get it covered. He worked with the HR head of his company and shared documentation and research on the benefits, he also had the birth center midwife write a letter of recommendation to his wife that she should encapsulate based on her depression history, they shared this recommendation - two months after the birth - they received the check in the mail for the compensation of the fee paid for the encapsulation! I only gave them a handwritten receipt, like I always do. He did tell me they checked out my personal website and the PBi website extensively - (It) pays for people to use a certified PBi specialist! "

(I also found out that a woman with low milk supply was able to get

reimbursement for placenta encapsulation as a breastfeeding support method.) Yeah!!


Original research of placenta use across all cultures