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Synergy Birth Services *** Gretchen Vetter, CPES*** Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

"supporting families through education and science"

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 Postpartum Coaching
"A good place to start is to talk frankly with someone you trust~
Taking this step can be difficult, but you will surely be relieved once you have opened up a little. 
In fact, Postpartum Coaching may be all you need.
It's pretty normal to experience a large range of emotions during postpartum recovery.
Negative emotions are part of everyday life. Most of us experience mild to moderate levels of anxiety, sadness, and anger fairly often. 
Recognizing where you are in your life may help you to achieve a little perspective." Oltmanns/Emery 2016

How does prenatal and postpartum coaching work?

Coaching sessions typically last about an hour and at the end, most people feel a sense of relief & hopefulness. 

Together we decide what the next step is, whether that means a little “homework” to practice creating some new ways of interacting with yourself or others,

 or maybe a gentle self-reflection practice to feel more connected to yourself, your baby or your partner.

Coaching is a creative process where we talk about options, feelings and choices, in a way that is evidence-based, but also heart-centered. 

To assist pregnant women and new mothers, I use self-reflection, mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, and elements of solution-focused coaching. 

Our time together will provide you with focused and dedicated space to increase your clarity and confidence, and decrease feelings of anxiety.

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How is it different from therapy?

My focus is solely on supporting you through the prenatal & early motherhood phase, with the specific challenges most moms face. 

This is the area of my experience. I can help you understand what is normal, and I have connections to resources and information relating to this exact stage of your life. 

I have supported hundreds of women & families over the years.

Coaching also tends to be short term and we focus on getting you through this phase or a particular challenge

such a dealing with guilt, body changes, parenting etc. with the greatest amount of self-love, compassion & confidence.

I also offer ongoing care so you can access support, as you need it via check in calls or emails.

Call or email today: 208-968-3616 ;

Calming Meditation for Mother and Baby:

Calming Meditation for Mother and Baby

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I know!

I know what it is like to be sleep deprived, to experience no time for self care, let alone have time for spouse and family relationship support when caring for babies. We have been there, in the times when it has been dark, treacherous and ugly, when your covered in spit up, Reflux/GERD has been relentless, you haven't had a shower for two days, your hair is falling out and sleep is a luxury of the past.

I know what it is like to feel totally overwhelmed, frustrated and at a loss for solution.. This fuels my passion to help families, I look forward to helping you!

Gretchen Vetter has a bachelor's in business, a Certificate for Birth Educator (AAHCC) and a Certificate for Placenta Encapsulation (PBi) and has worked as a birth and postpartum educator since 2005. In her postpartum business, she and her clients work together to create a practical plan for healing and wellness. 

Gretchen works with primary care physicians and other treating clinicians to provide the most comprehensive treatment. 

She is a member of Postpartum Support International.