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Synergy Birth Services *** Gretchen Vetter, CPES*** Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

"supporting families through education and science"

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  • educating new moms
  • recovering from birth
  • becoming a parent
Torri Lockman 208-859-3024, 

Postpartum Support International, PSI

Postpartum Support for Dads

Great website for how to start addressing ppd

Trista Kovach, MA, LCP

Specializes in Postpartum Counseling

208-639-4581 Work 
Prenatal and Postnatal Anxiety relief:

Kindred Mom Stories about new moms and postpartum reality:

Pulse Holistic Health, Postpartum Herbs,
-Qi and Jing Herbal Supplement for Postpartum

"84 Awesome Mental Health Resources when you can't afford a therapist"

-a comprehensive list of apps and organizations to find support

Mommy's Own: local bra fitting, breast health support, baby products available online.
Adriane Goyen,

A way to set up meals to be brought to a new mom's home.

This is a fantastic support for family and friends to put together. Take them a meal...

Sleep Help: Shannon Glenn

Birth Support:

Boise Women's Health & Birth Center

1502 W Franklin St

Boise, ID 83702


on Facebook

New Beginnings Birth Center and Midwives

270 Linder Rd

Meridian, ID 83642


Treasure Valley Midwives and Birthcenter

207 W Washington St

Boise, ID


Whole Life Midwifery and Birth Center

520 16th Ave N,

Nampa, ID 83687 ·

(208) 467-1230


Donna Holmes, CPM

Janice Cook, LM

Brittany Hiller, LM, CPM

Breech? Posterior? Learn about positioning...

Best website yet for getting your baby into the BEST position for birth. She covers transverse, breech, posterior.

An excellent video how to turn a posterior position baby. (on youtube)

Great info about how chiropractic can help you with positioning.

And of course: covering labor positions for the smoothest birth.

Nonhormonal birth control:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Awesome list for Visitors to your home by Williamsburg Mothering

Birth Class Instructors
(awesome link to natural birth)
Kyndal May - Confident Birth, 7 week class , 695-7767
Virginia Beall - Birthing Within, 7 week class , 208.870.2414
Angela Hancock - Deliberate Birth, 8 week class- Fruitland, Ontario, Vale
The Bradley Method - 12 wk class, Candice Partin; (512) 576-0268 ,
Holly- Intuitive Birth - 4 week class, 841-6365,,
Tami Lynard - 5 week class, Hypnobirthing - St Lukes

Infant Glucose: testing at birth-IV for <40mg/dL; poor latch-days 1 and 2; lack of mothers milk-days more than 4;  dehydration-baby fussy after feeding- all are important warning signs 

Gestational Diabetes: Vit B6 (P5P form) 50 mg, wean off near end of pregnancy to avoid reduced milk supply; 

In our community:
Have a Doula at your birth!
**find a labor support partner perfect for you at:

Kristen Burris

American Acupuncture
-natural labor stimulation services
Licensed Herbalist
"Expert in Women's Health and Fertility and Postpartum Challenges"

Noah Edvalson, DC, FIAMA 672-0100
-Whole body approach to medicine

Baby Steps - A support program for pregnant women
seeking low cost baby supplies and education

Phone: 208-342-5601 ext.212
St. Michael's Episcopal Cathedral
518 North Eighth St.
Boise ID, 83702

 Family Advocate Center -
Free Home Visits for Postpartum Support
3010 W State St., Boise, ID 83703
208-345-3344 x1006,

Hire A Postpartum Doula:

In your house help, after the baby is born:

a postpartum doula...


There are also women who will hire out to be a "night nurse". To come to your house in the late evening and sit up with your baby at night, while you sleep. Try , nurses, nursing students, bsu childhood education students... 

Lactation Support 

Lynelle King

AND Nourishing Traditions - Homemade Formula Kit

As well as St Lukes and St Als weekly breastfeeding group meetings

You can weigh your baby, nurse, then weigh your baby again at the meeting. 

You will know exactly how many ounces your baby drank. Peace of mind.

 Pelvic Floor Therapists

Chelsea Beyers,Lisa Kolesar; Sawtooth PT, 377-3850


 “...unless the hearts of parents are turned to their children, the whole earth will be cursed.” -- Old Testament

wonderful, simple small book that may open your eyes and change your life...


Happy TummyColicky baby? Child have an upset tummy?

Help them feel better with this gentle herbal blend, perfect for little tummies.

2 oz, 44 servings

You can find products to help with colicky baby or other infant maladies at PBi Shop.


Amber Necklaces

Looking for Amber teething necklaces? Visit Crunchy Mom Life, a locally owned store.

Sheeps Placenta

Placenta CapsulesSheeps placenta from New Zealand for when you can't save your own. $30.

(I have a limited supply onhand.)

Afterbirth Pains? After Ease

Get relief with "After Ease", a Uterine Relaxer from Crunchy Mom Life