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Synergy Birth Services *** Gretchen Vetter, CPES*** Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

"supporting families through education and science"

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The Benefits of using placenta for pregnancy recovery
in the words of the women who have used it...
"I was a huge skeptic with the whole placenta encapsulation. A friend told me about it and I laughed at her. After further research, I decided to give it a try. I was very impressed with the results. My mind was clearer. I had more energy. I was glad that I decided to do it! Also, Gretchen was so helpful. She even called and checked on me after. She is full of useful knowledge!" Erica

"(When I first heard about encapsulation), I was disgusted! (Now I can say), It works!" New Dad

"I wasn't sure about it at first, but after hearing/reading the research, it made sense to give it a try. Now I am Totally on board. I can see the difference in my wife when she is late taking them. Her mood is noticeably improved when on schedule (taking her capsules). Gretchen was great! She came to the house and prepared the placenta and processed it in the kitchen. She was very professional and fun to talk to. I'm really glad we made the decision to have it done. My wife's mood and energy level has sustained through the postpartum weeks very well." John

"I would highly recommend encapsulation to anyone and would provide your name as both experiences were fantastic. You are very professional and it was so wonderful having you be so available with our birth happening a few days early." Megan

"I thought the idea was interesting, (when I first heard about encapsulating). It seems to help my wife, so I am all for it now. The services were great and I would recommend it. The price seems right on point." Kris

"Gretchen was so warm, gentle, and pleasant! I would definitely recommend these services to friends and family. I look forward to experiencing the benefits of placenta encapsulation. Thank you so much!" Markee

"This was my first experience with encapsulation. It's been a great experience so far. I look forward to having the tincture available to me. Thanks so much!" Nicole

"The service provided was incredible! Gretchen drove to McCall the day after my birth and provided me with broth that I believe was critical to my healing so quickly. I was very pleased to receive the capsules that same day as well. Gretchen provided holistic postpartum care that is not usually available with hospital care. I was extremely pleased with the services provided and I think they were instrumental in my health and well being in recovering from a traumatic birth experience. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate all you have done for me (and my family.) : )"  Kelle

"(Placenta Encapsulation) made sense to me and it seemed like if there is any benefit, then it's worth it. (Later) I sensed an almost immediate positive response when my wife drank the placenta "broth' you provided. We really appreciated the cleanliness and care taken with the preparation of the placenta. Thanks for cleaning up our kitchen SO WELL too! " Keith

"I'm not sure what needs I had, but Gretchen was positive and helpful where she thought it could be needed. She was also able to easily change her method when it was needed." Kim

"(Placenta Encapsulation) seems a little out there, but it does make sense when you think about why you would want to do it. It was helpful and I have seen how it has helped my wife." New Dad

"This was my first baby and I knew from the beginning I wanted to have my placenta encapsulated, after reading so many positive experiences. I was excited to find Gretchen online. She came to my home a couple days after my birth and was so quick and efficient. She was kind and warm, and answered all my questions. I don't have any other experiences to compare it to but I can say I have had a great milk supply and I think it helped with a great recovery physically and emotionally. I definitely noticed an effect on my mood on days I forgot to take it. I would recommend Synergy Birth Services to all pregnant women." Kiley M.


"Since I'd never heard of it before, the idea of (placenta encapsulation) seemed strange. Now I think it's wonderful." Richard M.

 "Gretchen was very organized and professional. She worked quickly and left my kitchen cleaner than it was before! The capsules and tincture were well labelled, with easy-to-understand instructions. We will definitely be using her services again! Audra H.


"(My first thoughts about placenta encapsulation were) Ew, gross! (Now) I still think it's weird, but it works." Ryan

From a repeat mom of seven! Her wonderful blog post...

Thank you to all the wonderful new moms and dads that have given me feedback about their experience. 

I am filled with gratitude for your time spent, your beauty in recovery and your strength to come back to yourself. Wow!


"I loved it! Will definitely do it again with next baby!.. And Recommend it to future mommies!" Alejandra, Chiropractor with Main Health Solutions, Meridian

"In regards to mood: I don't typically have any issues with anxiety, but noticed a great deal of post partum anxiety happening. Each night, I got this strange overwhelming panic attack right around sun-down. Taking the capsules REALLY combated those feelings of obtrusive and unwarranted anxiety. So, the capsules not only helped to lift my mood and avoid depression, they also helped keep away the anxiety that I hadn't anticipated being an issue for me."

"I got a later start with beginning to take the capsules, so my milk had already come in (in abundance) before I even started. I honestly can't say one way or the other if the capsules helped with my milk supply, but given that they seem to help with so many other things, I would venture to say that they gave me a boost in that category too. Also, I feel since I started on the capsules a bit later (I think it was almost a week post-partum? I can't remember) I really noticed the difference in taking them. Prior to taking them I was very weepy, very snappy, and almost just constantly in a panic with anxiety. Once I started taking them, things definitely evened out for me. Also, when I took them, I was able to better function on very little sleep. I had more energy and clarity. I plan to have more children, and will be doing this again! It has been a great experience. " Sara


"Of course it's hard to say how much the placenta pills helped because this was my first pregnancy, but I felt so great after!!! I especially loved the tea - such a great kick start. Gave me tons of great happy energy!!" Lisa

"When I first heard about placenta encapsulation I thought it was strange, bad and wrong. Now I think it's very cool and interesting." Ty

"Service was great! Gretchen is very knowledgeable, sincere and helpful. She truly cares about your well-being! When I finished my capsules I did feel a little bit of a "drop" but I also had a return of menses at the same time. I would maybe consider adding the tincture next time to help it go further/last longer." Brook

"It was really hard to tell if the capsules helped me compared to my previous 3 birth experiences. I was blessed to have good deliveries, good nursers and overall good babies. I was perpetually exhausted postpartum though all, and feel the same now. Being that I have twins, it may be more so, but still I think placenta or not, it's impossible not to be exhausted. I would do the encapsulation again regardless just because I think it makes sense for replenishing mom and aiding in babies growth. " Carey

"Gretchen was wonderful. She came to our home to encapsulate even though it was late at night. She worked quietly and was a warm presence in our home. Thank you!" Second time mom

"My first two recoveries were far more difficult so I notice the effects of the capsules more. This time I haven't had as great a need, so I've forgotten to take them a lot. I've noticed that they have helped when I took them as needed, however. Thanks you! (especially good for mood regulation and weepiness) with this being the 3rd time around, I think I've been better at knowing what I need and when." Carolyn


"It has been night and day difference with my postpartum. With my first two I cried every day, had no energy and felt like I wasn't myself for the longest time (about a year). With my last, taking the capsules, I have little to no bad days, my energy is much higher, I feel more like myself and my milk supply is much higher than it has ever been. I would most definitely recommend this to everyone. First time moms, or moms of many. " Haley


"I was skeptical and thought it sounded very weird and gross. I still think it's weird and gross but my wife seemed to get back to herself much quicker than with the first one." Josh

"Wonderful experience! Would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you for everything!"

"Excellent Staff, Very Friendly. Keep up the Great Work, Love the Work You Do : ) Sabri , New Dad

"The whole process was absolutely fascinating. Gretchen gave me the "placenta tour". She explained fully how the placenta was oriented in the uterus, the 'wound site', the health of the placenta and the entire process of encapsulation and it's benefits. It gave me yet even more appreciation of my body, what it can do and the importance of healing fully. The actual capsules were icing on the cake. I took them daily and felt calmness and energy during my healing process. I am grateful." Tori


"At first I was a little concerned about having someone come to the house and to spend a few days completing the PE process, but Gretchen was Awesome. I missed the first day, but was told how she explained everything about the placenta and how it functions. So cool! She also did an incredible job cleaning the kitchen way beyond all expectations!" Joshua

"Gretchen was amazing! Her loving energy and grounded support through the capsules and tea, the preserved cord, and her follow ups were an integral part of my recovery. I highly encourage women to incorporate Synergy Birth Services into their birth plan!" Katie, RN at St Lukes

"Since this was my first baby, I'm not sure how much the capsules helped or how I would have fared without them. I did have a very positive postpartum experience (lots of energy, good milk supply etc.) so I'm guessing they did have something to do with that! Thanks Gretchen!" Tabbi


"We enjoyed working with you and Tabbi liked the capsules, so we'll be back for the next kiddo. Thanks" Dan

"I had a 50 hour natural labor and unfortunately had a 3rd degree tear. I drank the placenta broth the day after delivery and immediately felt my mental clarity improve. The next day when I discharged home, I started the capsules and we went for our first family walk that afternoon. Our first night was incredibly difficult (waking/feeding every 1 1/2 hours) but the next morning I still felt okay thanks to the placenta pills. Night #2 we had cycles every 3 hours with plenty of breast milk to satiate a hungry baby and extra energy." New Mom

"Wonderful, supportive, empathetic service. :D Thank you!"


"I have no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of taking the placenta capsules; however my own empirical evidence suggests the pills are helpful."  New Dad


"(The broth) helped calm me down - my hormones were crazy. I was exhausted and the broth helped reduce anxiety. I wonder if I would have felt less anxious if I started the pills sooner. I was exhausted when I got home from the hospital and may have experienced an anxiety attack. I have recommended your services to friends/co-workers who will be new moms. I think (my friend) called as a result. :) I really appreciated the supplementary materials and information you provided me. I'm excited to try the tincture!" Angela


"Since it is my first birth, I do not have anything to compare it to - it's hard to know what was due to the placenta encapsulation and what would've been different had I not taken them."


"I was skeptical when I first heard about placenta encapsulation. Now I think it's pretty awesome." Dad: Graham


"You and your service are fantastic! I really didn't expect to feel such a difference with my post recovery as I did. This 3rd baby has been the most pleasant first month of baby ever." Jane


FROM A DAD: "It was very nice seeing my wife not suffer from PPD nearly as much as she did after our first child. Day 5 was the roughest, but she took one extra pill and felt much better." Robert


"I am so glad I took a leap of faith and tried placenta encapsulation! What a difference in postpartum recovery from my first baby to my second. If I ever have any more children, I will absolutely use this service again!" Megan


"You were very friendly and enjoyable to have around. I am so glad I found you! I was very pleased with the effects after drinking the broth and taking the pills." Becky

"I was not home for the encapsulation but my family was present. They had a very pleasant time and were happy to learn about the health benefits. They were more "on board" with the encapsulation after a little education! :D The explanation of the bleeding after birth from the placenta detachment was helpful and interesting."  Peggy


"The milk DID come in the night after I drank the placenta broth. I took one pill a day and felt wonderfully full of energy for the whole postpartum period! (6 weeks today). The placenta encapsulation process feels so true to nature and good for the body. And the broth was wonderfully energy-giving and a great perk of the encapsulation process! I am very glad I did it. Thanks, Gretchen!" Elisabeth


"I appreciate the information that was given. Helped us know we were making the right decision. Gretchen was very friendly and knowledgeable. I am so glad we chose to do this. I can tell the difference between my first and second pregnancies. I feel so much more like myself this time. I would recommend every mom use this service to help with postpartum." Julie


"I'm so glad that the service is offered at the "patient home" , (it) really made a big difference in the level of (my) comfortability with having my organ in someone's care! I'm also very glad we had the placenta art done. I think it's so unique and certainly a great momento." Teresa


"I was hesitant to try placenta encapsulation. My 1st two pregnancies I had PPD after and I was nervous about my 3rd because it's very difficult having a newborn and trying to take care of yourself. The capsules leveled me out and I felt "normal" while taking them. I highly recommend that you try it! Thank you Gretchen!" Sara

"This is the 2nd time I had my placenta encapsulated by Gretchen and though I don't know how I would have felt without taking the pills, I have been full of energy, no times of feeling down, so I am grateful to have done the encapsulation. I would recommend taking the recommended doses." Lisa

"Although this was my first birth and I have nothing to compare it to, I absolutely feel like the capsules helped my recovery. I have a great support system, a wonderful husband, and am a happy person anyway, but I feel like the placenta capsules helped everything stay level. My milk came in great, my bleeding stopped by 2 1/2-3 weeks, my mood was great - no baby blues at all, my energy was good. I think the capsules were just one more thing added to a good diet, exercise through pregnancy and low stress - all add up to a wonderful experience!"  Jessica

"With my first birth, I had severe postpartum depression, it was 4 1/2 years ago and there are parts of the year I was depressed that I don't even remember. When we were expecting our second child, we hired Gretchen to be our Placenta Encapsulator and the difference in my Postpartum was DRASTIC! Enjoyable! I remember all of it. Even my milk supply was increased so I had no worries. So it was no question to hire Gretchen again for our third pregnancy. She is kind, thoughtful, clean, professional and we are so grateful for her and her services! Becky



"The reason I put yes and no for (Was the fee reasonable for the tasks performed?), is it feels like a lot to fork out. But if I hadn't done it and ended up with depression, low milk supply or other benefits you can receive; taking care of those costs would have been more expensive down the road. With it being my first birth and having a great homebirth with no complications and great recovery, it's hard to see the immediate benefits. Still plan on doing it in the future."

"Thank you, Gretchen, for making this such a smooth pleasant process. We know it's not easy getting to Ketchum and we are grateful. It was lovely working with you."

Sarita and Ben

"I found that the process of placenta encapsulation wasn't just that; it was another link in my "community" chain. Thank you , Gretchen, for being a resource and a supportive friend. Your kind words and advice helped so much in our crazy transition! Hugs, Bree


"Wonderful service. : ) Will definitely be using these services again for the next baby! Thank you so much!" Stephanie Blacketter

"The smell of the dehydration process was a little nauseating to me, but I'm not sure that anything can be done about that! It is well worth it for the benefits that come afterward. : D" Sarah Clendenon

(note by GV: I have noticed that the smell is mentioned more in the dead of summer when temps are at their highest in our houses, and can add a scented wax on top of my dryer during these times. Some people use their garage or spare room.)


"This was my first baby and having a history of depression and anxiety I was extremely nervous about postpartum depression. I did experience the baby blues with lots of crying. I felt overwhelmed, but I am sure that without the placenta pills, the baby blues would have escalated. After about 2 weeks, I felt more myself and continued to progress from there. I plan on having more babies and I would definitely encapsulate again!"


"Nearly miraculously fast recovery! I accredit it to the placenta caspules. Incredibly happy with everything about this process. Timing was flexible, pricing more than fair. Will definitely repeat for all my kiddos. " Happy Mama


"Compared to the recovery I experienced with my first child, this time around (with use of placenta encapsulation) was by far a much more relaxing, happy, joyful recovery. My husband has even noticed and has many times commented on how much energy I have, and how happy and relieved he is to see me smiling and not on the verge of tears all the time. Thank you, Gretchen!!" Sara Hollifield


"I felt both physically and emotionally great after birth. The capsules seemed to extend the supermom feeling that comes the first week after birth.

I have to say, I was pretty grossed out by the idea when I first learned about Placenta Encapsulation (PE) But I tell all my friends that it's the best thing I've ever done for me, my family, my marriage." Second time mom


"I used the Placenta Broth from ice cubes in my daily smoothie. "


"Everything was perfect, I am so glad we did this because it worked wonders! Thank you so much Gretchen!" Carla Sparling


"I thought your service was perfect. Before (Consultation), During and After the Encapsulation. I would definitely recommend the service to others who are open to the idea of it. I believe it helped me have more energy during the recovery period, so that I could be there for both of my children's needs. Karen Headings


"I used the Placenta Broth in tea (Good Earth Cinnamon Herb Tea)."


"Thank you Gretchen, I'm so grateful you offer this service to the community. We are tired but doing great. Hugs, Jessica"


"I am not someone who goes to wholistic care first when meeting my medical needs and as a healthcare professional, I was skeptical of placenta encapsulation. But this was my 3rd baby and I suffered PPD with the first 2. I went on medication with my second and hated it, so I was desperate for something that didn't make me feel off and didn't make it so I had to stop breastfeeding. I found that something in P.E. (placenta encapsulation). This was my quickest recovery and I haven't had any issues with PPD. Very thankful for the services you provide! Thank you!" Lisa


"Everything went well, and I really enjoyed watching and learning about the encapsulation process. Gretchen was very nice and professional and was very educated about the process. She was very clean with her work and work space. I would recommend the encapsulation services to anyone I know who is pregnant or plans on having children." Rebecca


"I've appreciated everything. Thank you so much!"


"My encapsulation experience was better than I ever could have expected! Having you come into my home was a joy. Being able to watch the process was amazing. The capsules themselves made my postpartum experience the best I've had. I was able to feel true joy having my new little one at home for the first time. I will forever recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone and everyone! Shelby


"You were wonderful! It was quite an interesting experience and I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you for all your tips, kind words and check-ins."

(Used Placenta Broth in tea...)



This is a really cool recommendation from Brittany who wrote about her experience on her blog... (she's a photographer, this is her picture) : D



"Thank you. Will Recommend. I felt a huge difference and love how they make me feel. Such a blessing. " Shannon Armstrong

"My husband and I were so glad we tried this. We weren't sure how much of a difference we would see, but we were pleasantly surprised. My husband referred to them as "miracle pills". It was a great experience ans we would do it again; if we have any more kids. I will say that the phone calls didn't come very timely. All were made around 5 and 6 weeks. Life got crazy and I didn't speak to you in the end, but we loved it all and were so thankful!" Jena Maxwell


 "The pills definitely helped with baby blues and recovery. I still had cold-like symptoms like my first time. Which I believe is from my non-protein diet. But I would still recommend anyone to take advantage of the placenta encapsulation." Kim Lightner


"I have felt great since taking the capsules. I appreciate that Gretchen came all the way up to Ketchum to provide this service for us! I hope that more women hear about and have the opportunity to use their placentas. I am truly considering learning the process and getting trained to help others in our community. Thank you! Laura Crist


"I felt like you were incredibly professional and genuinely concerned for my healthy recovery ( and for a joyful birth process). I really appreciate your willingness to work with us on scheduling while we were still in the hospital."


 "Unfortunately, I had to stop taking the capsules due to gallbladder problems. I am thankful to you and your service. Gretchen went above and beyond just making capsules. Shee offered me breastfeeding support and even offered to stay with me when my husband had to leave to run an errand. She is a remarkable woman!" Carmen Adams


"I noticed a difference the first day I took my capsules. I had more energy and even needed to take less because I really felt a difference with them. Gretchen was great. She was very encouraging and had great follow up. I was impressed by Gretchen's professionalism and caring attitude in our postpartum recovery. I will definitely use Gretchen's services again! Melinda Hughes, PAC -


"I think I evaded the baby blues - took 2 capsules every four hours sometimes added 2 in between, NO crying fits! When I was feeling weepy, I took a capsule. I feel more balanced. I feel normal. No big fatigue. I have more milk than the baby needs. Day 4 was the hardest day. I'm staying at 3 capsules, 3x/day for an extra week."

"I am so grateful for the opportunity and benefits of Placenta Encapsulation! After having postpartum depression with my first child, this second child we wanted to do everything we could to avoid it, and this and Gretchen's aftercare followup calls were so appreciated and helped! Definitely something I recommend, no - insist, my other pregnant friends do! I know I will definitely be callling Gretchen with our next pregnancy! Thank you! Becky Gittings

"First Day I took 2 capsules 3x/day, I couldn't sleep, felt my heart racing. So just taking 2 in the morning. I'm feeling really good. My bleeding is very light."


"This was my second baby, first encapsulation. My energy levels, milk production and mood were much improved vs my first postpartum experience. I have recommended this service to a friend who is pregnant with #3 and afraid of PPD (postpartum depression). Hopefully she gives you a call!"

"Taking capsules 2x/day. It's hard to tell a difference (from my previous births). One day of emotional, but otherwise stable emotionally, milk has been good, can't tell what it's doing. I haven't experienced anything negative from them."

"Thought it was great. I would do it again. Overall I felt a pretty even mood. It's gone alot more smoothly than I expected."

"The capsules are going down smoothly and I am very happy I chose to have you encapsulate for us! You left the house looking spotless and I will call if I have any further questions. Also, thank you for making the beautiful prints! Fascinating!"

"I would recommend these services to any new mom. The capsules helped me most when I started my period 7 weeks after the birth. Thank you Gretchen!"

"I'm doing pretty good. Went out yesterday to a restaurant and the baby slept the whole time! I'm feeling a little self conscious to breastfeed in public. I have a few moments of irrational thought, but I can catch myself, and I'm doing ok. "

"Not sleeping well. Having a little anxiety, nothing too much- thoughts about how my baby can get hurt. I feel nervous driving with them. Sometimes I'm having out of place intensity when I'm not regularly taking the capsules. I forget the lunch one sometimes. My mama tiger comes out on others."

" Feelling pretty good now. I'm saving some capsules for going back to work. Wishing I had more capsules. Still having moments of irrationality and mood swings under stress. "

"Feeling really busy. No weepies. Nursing is going better. Was cracked and bleeding, plugged duct, but his weight is rising fine. Taking them one time a day now and I've been feeling pretty good. One time I felt out of whack, but I took the second capsule and that helped!"

"Doing well, actually great. Nursing hurts. He does lots of bad latches. Using Vit E Oil, that feels great, he's gaining weight fine. I'm occasionally still bawling, 1x/day, for stress release, it feels good to cry, mostly in the afternoon. "


"Feeling almost completely recuperated now. I stopped the capsules when we got thrush, but started them afterwards. My milk, mood and energy plummetted when I stopped the capsules. I still have some caps left, probably will run them out. I don't have any steam water left. " Carolyn

"I feel great! Thank you!"


I know the placenta capsules helped me! My recovery was so much better this time than it was with my first child. If I have more kids, I will have their placentas encapsulated also. oOw that I know what a huge difference it makes, I can't imagine not doing it." Erica

" I thought the whole experience was great. Not only did I experience good results from taking the placenta pills, I felt cared for throughout the process and the follow-up phone calls. The pills prevented me from having the baby blues. I can only recall two or three times in the first month that I felt weepy and two of those times I had forgotten to take my pills on time. I felt this was a great help and vital part of my postpartum recovery." Nicole

Note: This was the cleanest our sink has ever been!

Note: It was expensive, but I felt it was worth it.

"This was the first time encapsulating and this was my 4th child. I noticed a HUGE difference! I didn't have any "weepy" days and I didn't get my usual anxiety during the postpartum period. I also noticed that I had more energy. I wasn't getting very much sleep during the first few weeks but I still was able to get through the day with 4 kids!" Colleen


"I think that by taking the placenta caps, it helped me get back in the swing of life. By taking these, my prenatals and extra Vitamin D, I'm doing everything I can to keep my depression at bay. The extra boost of energy has helped me keep up with my kids! Thank you! Lauren

"I've been tired alot, but feeling pretty good. Not too weepy. Feeding the baby every 2 hours. I am sleeping when baby sleeps. My milk is not so engorged and no more soreness. The capsules make me feel awake taking it at night. I really can tell the difference. When I feel sad, I take one and I feel better in about an hour."

" I've been good. No pills for the last few days. I feel like it really helped me. I will save them for PMS, and for going back to work. I just started pumping, I got 4 oz in 7 minutes! I'm so glad I had the capsules."

"A little weepiness, rollercoaster, having a little trouble with latch, feeling sore, baby is gaining weight well, I'm feeling tired. This time is way better than my first birth. Alot!"


"Things are going great. I love my pills. I can really tell when I don't take them. I missed them for a day and half a night and I was exhausted. My milk production is fabulous. I feel like a jersey cow." week 1

"Feeling good, pretty busy life, everything's going well. I'm feeling tired! I need more sleep. I'mnot moody at all. Nursing is good. MY milk has normalized, I'm no longer engorged." week 3

"Took last capsule today. I feel a little sadness about the placenta being gone. It was the final attachment to my baby. Taking placenta is "like an extended lotus birth". I feel like myself again. I have so much milk and it's easy to feed my baby." week 5

"I will recommend placenta encapsulation by Gretchen to every mother-to-be. It is so vitally important to get the micronutrients and energetics of the placenta back postpartum. I had not a single day of emotional instability postpartum and I largely attribute that to the hormone support from taking placenta. It also clearly supported my energy- despite the obvious sleep deprivation that goes with being a new mom." Davida


If you ever need a referral, tell them to call me! These things really work! Colleen

"Milk is in and enough. Taking prenatals. I haven't noticed any big difference. Energy is good, but still sleepy."

"Doing well, 2caps/1x/day, Energy pretty good. Baby sleeping a lot, back to accomplishing daily tasks. Mood has been good. Taking Vit D. My first child is having a hard time accepting the new baby - having tantrums and being very needy." followup


"A little weepies with tv but feeling pretty good. Nursing is going better than last time. Locial flow is light, none then light when nursing."

"Haven't had any postpartum symptoms. Feeling really tired. Down to 6 pills. Glad I did it (enapsulate). Taking prenatals, going on progesterone mini pill while nursing for birth control." followup

(support ideas: iron - for energy)

"Doing so great. Night 3 I had a total meltdown (scared/anxious), took 2 pills and haven't had any problems since. Might have a UTI from catheters used at birth."


"Went to doctor for UTI and yeast, had to stop capsules for antibiotics and diflucan. Significant differences between taking and not taking the capsules. I am happy that I got a month of feeling great after the birth. " followup

"Feeling great. I almost have to remind myself that I just had a baby. Baby didn't lose any weight from birth and I'm nursing."
"Been pretty good. 4 weeks now, first 3 weeks had more energy. Now taking 2 caps/1x/day in the morning. I have 2 low times of the day - morning and 4-6pm. I feel like I'm dragging all day long. Also taking prenatals. I'm more down when it's cloudy. I was amazed the first 3 weeks. I felt so good. Only 20 capsules left." followup
(support ideas: add iron supplement in evening before bed for morning boost, take placenta in afternoon. watch for fatigue after capsules finish. be proactive about seeking more support if needed, including B vitamins and hormone support)

"Bleeding lessened immediately. Mood stabilized. Got mastitis, needed to stop capsules while on antibiotics, then got thrush and systemic candida. Felt a huge drop when had to stop placenta. I could see how they helped when I had to quit. The first day I was ok, then second day not so great. Third day, it really got out of control. So I went to a naturopath. Naturopath put me on progesterone tablet supplement."
"Restarted caps and still using progesterone. Having adrenal fatigue. With placenta my energy is great and my mood is great." Followup
"Feeling wiped out, feeling overwhelmed, yeast under control, but still not recovered." Followup 2
"Looking and feeling great! Six months to recover. Thank you so much for the placenta capsules!" Followup 3

"Taking capsules 3x/day for 1 week, feeling good. One day of weepy before starting caps, milk came on day 2, baby didn't lose any weight."
"Tired. A couple rough nights. Gassy. Was eating cabbage, not a milk drinker. Nursing good. Smiling baby. Feeling pretty good. Tear at birth still healing. Mood - staying upbeat. Moments of overwhelm when baby cries inconsolably." followup

"I've been taking the capsules and I haven't had the weepies. It's been about a week, so I think they are really working."


"Had a head cold so stopped capsules for a week. I was ok for a few days then felt a little 'off kilter', having a harder time coping the kids. Back taking them now, they are keeping me on an even keel." followup

"Pills worked well, I think. I didn't get any baby blues, just standard teariness but that is just because this is HARD! Thanks for your services, I'll definitely refer to you..."


"My husband has noticed a huge difference from my last birth. I am way more level. My milk came quick. She's a great nurser."


"My energy level is through the roof!"

" This was very helpful to me - thank you!"

" I have recommended your services to several women I know who are expecting babies. This was my #6 baby and having had baby blues, anxiety disorder and problems with milk supply with previous babies, I was very interested in your service when a friend recommended you. My husband gave the go-ahead even though money was tight, as we faced a move to a new house right when baby was due. I have been very happy with the results. I have not had any anxiety, very little blues and my milk supply has been great. It was well worth the investment. I used the capsules longer than recommended because of the life stresses and was very pleased that my energy level was steady and my mind could focus. Combining these with good nutrition and rest was a winning combination. Thank you Gretchen!

Gretchen, I loved the capsules! They definitely helped me with recovery and I will most certainly be using your services again! I will recommend to friends too. Thank you so much! Emmy
Hi Gretchen, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your service. I finally finished the capsules a few days ago, 4 months after the birth of my baby- as you know, I had a lot of health problems that put the pills on hold several times (I even got mastitis a few weeks ago - Can you believe it!?) But through it all, I really believe the capsules helped my overall well-being, and I am so glad I took them! Thank you so much for everything. I will remember you if/when I have my next baby in a few years. I have already told many friends about how much I believe in what you do! Thanks again, Sarah


"The pills gave me a ton of energy. Your services was non-intrusive and very professional. I am 7 weeks postpartum and haven't felt any baby blues or depression. Thank you for everything."
"Gretchen, thank you SO much for providing this service. I honestly don't know what I would have done without it."

"I can't believe my quick recovery! It was amazing how it helped me get right back on my feet. Thanks for your help."



"Everything was great thank you. I'm referring you to everyone I know."

 "Doing very well, been feeling great. The prints are cool. Still taking painkillers, using acupuncture. Taking 3x/day will move to 2. A little weepy when my mom left, felt "hormonal" but nothing big."

Stopped capsules due to mastitis

Issues with milk supply ensued due to using breast shields nursing when sore, mastitis, lost 30 lbs in first month.

"Started capsules 2-3x/day to boost milk, pumping, fenugreek."

Cesarean birth - St Al's

First time mom

"My milk came in today and I'm not crying. With all my other births, I was bawling on this day. I love it! I have so much energy, but I went out too long today, so I'm going to rest now."


"Things have been going very well. I've been taking the placenta tablets regularly, and stayed at 3x/day for a second week, because we were moving and I didn't feel as well with 2x/day. Now have dropped to two and will be going to 1x/day. Using this to get through this transition has been hugely helpful. I've seen a huge difference this time, with my milk supply and my emotions and everything. It's gone very, very well."

Six time mom with prior anxiety, blues and low milk


"I followed the directions on the bottle. No super energy boost, not exhausted though, no weepies or crying the first week, nursing is going well, baby is gaining weight."

When I went down from 4 to 2 pills a day, my milk really went down! I'm a believer. I started pumping after nursing and my milk went back up. About 20 caps left, going back to work. No mood swings, no weepies.

Second time mom

Natural unmedicated birth

"Feeling a little energy boost, but it wears off quickly. Taking them 2caps/3x/day." Suggestion:2caps, 5x/day.


"The caps seem to be helping. Baby is waking 2-3 hours at night, afternoons are the hardest. Before the capsules, I just gave up, now I can keep going."

"feeling pretty good most days, feel pretty normal." followup

third time mom, felt fine first 10 weeks, then unable to function or rise from resting , moving into postpartum fatigue with complete loss of energy, tested for anemia, using large amounts of B vitamins, prenatals and iodine supplements as support

Third time mom

Placenta frozen 3mos

" It's been quite a transition (bringing the baby home). I have enjoyed taking the capsules. I can tell they are working. Things have been going really well. It's hard to remember what I felt like before the baby. I feel normal though. It was harder than I expected. We're co-sleeping, waking 4 times a night to eat, he eats quite alot! I feel like I'm getting enough sleep. I still have capsules left, taking them 2capsules one time a day. They are definitely helping. I'm doing alot better emotionally now." Demetra

Natural birth

The Baby Place

"I am feeling great! I have been taking the capsules 3 times a day like it said on the card. I am not feeling the least bit depressed. I may even be the complete opposite of depressed and just feeling the total joy. I am really, really enjoying my baby. Thanks so much!"


"I have been feeling great! No signs of depression anywhere! I am down to taking 2 pills a day or every other day. I am trying to conserve them. The baby is one month old now and I am just loving this little boy! Thanks so much for your services. If I decide to have any more babies, I will definitely do it (encapsulate) again."

Second time mom who had PPD with her first

Nampa Birth Center


“The Pills made me feel great, but I stopped taking them and my pregnancy rash seemed to go away. When I started taking them again, it seemed to make my rash flair up again. I put my pills in the freezer and I am planning on saving them for when I go back to work. But I definitely could tell a difference when I took them.” Sandy


Frozen placenta prepared at 7 days



“Did you grind up Prozac in there or something? I feel amazing! I have patience again!” Melanie

Homebirth/ Baby Place Midwives attending


I really think the pills have helped. My mood has been good. I don’t know how to explain it. I just feel good. I noticed a pretty big difference right away. I’m glad I got the capsules. I really think it was helping me feel better, but I got a kidney and bladder infection and had to stop them for awhile. Sarah

The Baby Place Birthcenter

No medication at birth

I think it does help with the fatigue. I really notice a difference with my bleeding. It had slowed to a trickle, then when I missed two doses in a row, my bleeding really increased. When I took the capsules again, the bleeding stopped. Monica

The Baby Place Birthcenter

No medication at birth


Really wonderful! Helped a tremendous amount! I used the steam water in lentil soup. Able to find a balance really quickly. The directions were easy to follow. I left the card out for a reminder.


Overall, I felt that being able to ingest my placenta helped me in numerous ways. I didn’t have hair loss that many women do. A lot of my weight came off within the first two weeks and continued until week four. I didn’t feel massive mood swings because my hormone levels felt balanced. (Nor did my spouse feel any effects of my mood swings). I felt that my body was able to regulate easily. Also, once my breast milk came in, the supply was abundant. I had so many people make comments to the fact that I looked great and appeared to be rested and happy. I contribute a lot to the ability to be supplementing with my placenta. Maria

St Alphonsus/OB attending

Pitocin induced/ cesarean birth with d&c

Since I was unable to begin taking capsules immediately post-partum, I did not have the hormone supplementation I had hoped for. However, I have noticed increased energy and milk production since I have begun taking them. The milk augmentation has been great because I have a very large baby. Thanks again. Mom

While I have no other postpartum experiences to compare this to, I can’t imagine going thru it again without the benefit of the capsules. Thrush really messed up things for awhile, but we’re doing much better now. If you ever need a vegetarian referral, just let me know. Thank you so much, Gretchen. You were a delight and I appreciate your services. Anji and Amelie

The Baby Place Birthcenter

No medication at birth

“Things are going good. If I skip one, I notice a real change in my mood. The first time I took the capsules, I noticed a dramatic decrease in my incision pain. When my milk came in, she nursed a way shorter time.”

“Went off the capsules and went back to work. Then started taking one capsule at a time. My milk came back better for pumping to stockpile.” Follow-up. Jennifer

Mtn Home AFB Hospital, OB attending


“When my first child was born, it was the happiest time of my life. Unfortunately, it was also greatly overwhelming and emotionally erratic. I knew that I wanted a better postpartum experience with my second child. I’m so glad I found Placenta Benefits. Taking the encapsulated placenta pills really helped my energy, stamina and mood. I didn’t realize just how much they improved my mood and energy until I went out of town for a 3 day weekend when my daughter was 3 weeks old. On day 2 of my trip, I began feeling very tired and had severe mood swings. At that time, I realized that I had forgotten my “secret weapon” in my refrigerator at home. Uh-oh. It was a very long weekend, in more ways than one. When I got home and began taking the capsules again, I quickly felt like the mother and wife I wanted to be.

I would recommend this placenta encapsulation process to any woman. Thank you for giving me a natural and effective remedy for the postpartum recovery that my family and I deserve.” April

St Alphonsus Hospital/OB attending

No medication at birth

“My milk is in full force. I have a clear head and I feel better physically than (my last birth). In between doses, I felt weepy, took the capsules and was all better. “