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Synergy Birth Services *** Gretchen Vetter, CPES*** Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

"supporting families through education and science"

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What is postpartum support? 


It is the bridge between your birth and your 6 week appointment with your care provider. 


Through encapsulation you may:

          • bond better with your baby
          • feel more energized
          • ease the start of breastfeeding
          • protect your couple relationship from stress and strain
          • feel calm and capable caring for your newborn
          • avoid the rollercoaster of baby blues


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Placenta Encapsulation



Why should I take placenta capsules?

Your baby's placenta, contained in capsule form, is believed to:


    • contain your own natural hormones

      be perfectly made for you

       improve your mood

      replenish depleted iron

      give you more energy

      lessen bleeding postnatally

      been shown to regulate milk production

      help you have a happier postpartum period

      hasten return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state

      be helpful when menses returns and more...



I love this quote..."It makes perfect sense that the mom grows the placenta, which grows the baby. The baby suckles to nurse, which aids in the release of the placenta, thereby beginning the healing process for the mom. ” ~ Anna Hurty


Thank you for your interest.

I hope our paths will cross very soon!



Why choose Gretchen as your Encapsulator? She is:

  • Certified - since 2010, through the largest and oldest National Placenta Encapsulation Organization in America, Placenta Benefits, Ltd.  


  • Experienced - trained in Dec 2009 and has completed over 250 encapsulations.


  • Focused - Placenta Encapsulation and Birth/Postpartum Education are the only service she provides.


  • Educated - 5 years previous experience as a Certified Childbirth Educator with The Bradley Method, Bachelor Degree from University of Washington.



"  I want my placenta prepared in my home.

I want my placenta NOT prepared in my home.  "

aka "I want my placenta picked up at the hospital.

Or, I don't want to see the placenta until it's capsules! "


Why use a PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist?

As a PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, I will:

  • Follow strict OSHA cleanliness and EPA disposal guidelines
  • Use a process reviewed by the FDA
  • Be Educated in Food Safety and Handling for the state of Idaho
  • Prepare your placenta in your home within the scope of American law
  • Be Knowledgeable in the benefits of placentophagy
  • Follow Traditional Chinese Medicine principles for proper preparation
  • Use a professional manner (I can be as present or invisible as you prefer)
  • Answer your questions
  • Give you extended postpartum support

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 You can register any time during your pregnancy. One month or more before your due date would be great. Thanks!